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5 Key Benefits of LED Lighting for the Sign Industry

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Whether you need a sign to highlight the fact that your store is open for business, or you’re a company offering signs to local businesses, the use of LED lighting could dramatically change your business performance.

Companies have been turning to neon signs for years to announce their presence to customers, to welcome them to town, and even to highlight the uniqueness of their business. While neon was the go-to of choice, there is an alternative solution that offers vibrant lighting, a multitude of colors, and costs much less to operate.

If your business is ready to make an impression and stand out from the sea of neon glows, LED lights are your best option.

With LED lighting, you gain a number of benefits, from cost savings to attraction.

So, before investing in traditional neon lights, why not consider the flexibility of LED instead?

5 Benefits of LED Lighting for the Sign Industry and Local Business Owners

1. High-Quality Brightness and Brilliant Color

Before LED light, there was neon lighting. Neon glowed brightly in a variety of colors but was only achieved through other gasses or rarefied neon. Some cities have started to ban the use of neon lights, and there are codes in some areas against them in storefronts.
When compared to the old neon lights, LED neon flex products are exceptionally brilliant in color and brightness. They can even be seen in full daylight, while neon would blend with the sun.

2. Energy-Efficient Lighting

The sign industry has long been guilty of consuming too much energy just to create a sign for the public. However, LED lights require less energy to create a brighter image. Therefore, companies don’t have to sacrifice a bright light to save. Also, LEDs generate very little heat compared to other sign lights, so they can keep the attention of the public without making the interior of a business too warm. Per Energy Saver, LEDs use 75 percent less energy.

3. LED Lit Signs Last Longer

Replacing signs is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, no business wants to continually hire someone to climb a ladder or custom-make a lighted sign.

LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to neon and fluorescent lighting. In fact, they last 25 times longer than incandescent lights and offer thousands of more hours of display time over neon. LEDs also do not risk leakage of gasses, which means the lights don’t go dim like neon lights can.

4. Light Weight Designs

Neon signs are thick and hefty. They require extra space for the glass tubes to hold the neon gas, and they are bulky. LED signs do not have tubes and offer a thinner size. Therefore, owners can enjoy signs that are bright and bold, but easy to lift on and off their display mounts.

5. Versatility for Brands

LEDs offer animation, color changes, fading and flashing features, and moving messages, while neon can only provide flashing lights. This allows for maximum versatility while on display.

See the Power of LED Neon Flex Today

LED Neon Flex is patented technology that creates better lighting and colors than traditional neon. Use it for signs, outlines, and more.

At GLLS, we have been in the LED industry since 2007. We only work with the highest quality LED products, and when you pick LED Neon Flex from us, you get products that fit your needs and reinforced solder points for maximum durability.

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  1. I appreciate your comment about how using LED can save you both time and money because of their long lifetime. I didn’t know that they can last a lot longer than other types of lights and don’t dim easily. If someone were considering looking into having their company’s sign made with LED lights, I would assume that they would keep these tips in mind.

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  2. The fact that LED’s can last up to 25 times as long as incandescent lights and neon is a huge benefit. This is key when you have a sign that is simply sitting and is something you don’t want to worry about. The less you have to change the lights the less hassle.

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  3. I think every business should have some type of signage for their stores or offices. But I never knew that LED lighting had so many benefits like being light weight. It would be a lot less trouble for a company if their sign was not heavy and still bright.

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      Definitely! They’re also much less work to maintain, so it saves business owners the trouble of frequently changing out lights!

  4. I like that you mention how led lit signs will last a lot longer and won’t require a lot of replacements. Hypothetically, if my brother were to start a business I’m sure he would want something that lasts long and doesn’t cost a lot of money. I’ll be sure to talk to him about finding a professional service for led signs if he ever were to be in need of one.

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      It’s always a good idea to start with a good lighting product when you’re starting a business! You don’t want to have to have the hassle of retrofitting a more efficient system into an existing one.

  5. Thanks for explaining how LED lights require less energy in order to create a brighter image so companies can save on power. This could be useful to help the environment and have extra money to use for other things. I’d imagine that researching the different types of LED lights and finding the best one could help you save even power and get the best image for your purposes.

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      Research is key when you’re planning a lighting project! You want to be sure the lighting you’re choosing is good for your business and for the environment.

  6. I agree, if there’s one reason to choose LED lights it is because of their efficiency. After all it can be surprising to learn how much electricity a light bulb can burn through. That’s why LEDs are so important for signs and other industrial lighting since they save on money.

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