The Differences Between Fixture Profiles

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June 3, 2023

In our last Tech Talk, we covered recognizing reverse polarity. This week we’re going to discuss the differences between LED Neon Flex profiles.

LED Neon Flex fixtures come in a variety of sizes and light profiles. Choosing the appropriate profile for your project depends on the size and beam angle you want.

What is a beam angle?

The beam angle of a fixture refers to how the light is distributed in space. The larger the angle, the more surface can be illuminated by a fixture. This website has an interactive section that helps show how a beam angle works.

We offer 3 different beam angles in our LED Neon Flex Fixtures.
160°: A flat surfaced fixture perfect for recessed lighting, this beam angle comes out at 160 degrees.

270°: This rounded profile mimics traditional neon, emitting light at an angle of 270. This allows the light to illuminate part of the mounting surface as well.

320°: This new profile offered by GLLS has the widest beam angle of our LED Neon Flex products. Specially designed mounting channels make sure this fixture illuminates the largest surface area possible.

Which profiles are offered in which angles?



Vivid S comes in two sizes. The square profile is 0.45inx0.83in (11.5mmx21mm) with a beam angle of 160°. The rounded profile is 0.45inx1.14in (11.5mmx29mm) with a beam angle of 270°.
Vivid Wave is 0.63inx0.67in (16x17mm) in size and is available in 160° and 320° beam angles.

Vivid Wave Mini is our smallest profile, only 0.39inx0.39in (10mmx10mm) in size. It has a beam angle of 160°.


Vivid Contour is 0.35inx0.71in with a 160° beam angle. It is our most flexible fixture.

Landscape Flex and Vivid Basic are 0.45inx1.02in (11.5mmx26mm) with a 270° beam angle.

Need help choosing a profile?

Your account manager is happy to help you figure out what profile is best suited for your project. Reach out to them with your project details for guidance on everything from choosing the profile type, to color, to power!

Check back in for our next Tech Talk on April 10th!

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