Landscape Lighting With Landscape Flex Linear LED Neon

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June 3, 2023

Landscape lighting design is an important part of any outdoor environment. Whether you’re trying to illuminate a courtyard or create a relaxing atmosphere in a public garden, it’s important to know which fixtures to choose.

Why Choose Landscape Flex For Your Landscape Lighting?

There are a lot of things to consider when lighting an outdoor environment. Where can you install fixtures to reduce awkward shadows? How can you create a soft, welcoming lighting environment that isn’t too harsh?

Landscape Flex offers seamless, dot-free illumination. Available in warm and cool color temperatures, you can create the right mood for the setting. Warm linear lighting accents in a garden can create a beautiful display and a safe walking environment. Cool lighting accents tucked under the railing on a set of stairs on a public walk-way creates a bright, easy to navigate path for late-night walkers. The possibilities for the applications of these fixtures are endless!

Landscape Lighting Gets Put Through Some Rough Weather

So Landscape Flex is built to handle it. With an IP 68 rating on our fixtures and connectors, Landscape Flex is weatherproof.

  • Snap Connector Ends and Leads: Snap connectors are a DIY end or lead option. They are weatherproof, and stand up well against dust and weather in less harsh environments.

So what are the specs on Landscape Flex?

Landscape Flex has the feature of both AC and DC 12V inputs. With a low power consumption of 1.52W/ft (5W/m), it is an energy efficient, durable fixture. It is available in custom lengths, with a cutting unit of 4.92in (125mm).

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