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LED Neon Flex lead times vary based on the options you’ve chosen for your project. Generally speaking, our Seamless and Swivel orders take 3-5 weeks and our Snap orders take 5 days. The time will also vary depending on how custom your order is.

Let’s have a look at why the connectors make a difference!

Seamless and Swivel Lead Times

We manufacture the Seamless ends on LED Neon Flex products directly at our factory. Because of the time it takes to assemble and make these ends, it takes a little longer to process and ship an order. Seamless ends include our regular Seamless ends as well as the Submersible Seamless ends. The lead time is well worth the wait, however! Especially for projects that will be hard to reach for maintenance or for projects in harsh environments. Seamless leads are completely sealed against the weather so you don’t have to worry about water or dust ingression.

Swivel connectors are a DIY option rated for indoor use only. Because the majority of our clients require connectors that can stand to be outdoors, we do not stock them in our warehouse and they must come frmo our factory.

Snap Lead Times

Snap Connectors are our DIY option for in-field assembly. You have the option to have them pre-assembled by GLLS or to assemble them yourself. With these options you can cut the fixtures to length and install the ends on-site. Thanks to our warehouse in Las Vegas carrying a stock of these connectors, the turnaround time is much shorter. With DIY connectors, however, you have to be aware of the risk of ingression. Snap connectors have an outdoor rating, but do not form a complete seal the same way our seamless options do. GLLS does not warranty snap connectors not installed by our team for ingression.

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