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In our last Tech Talk, we discussed DMX channels and universes. This week we’re going to take a look at max run lengths.

What are max run lengths?

Max run lengths call out the longest an LED Neon Flex fixture can be. Individual max run lengths are listed on the product’s spec sheets.
Single fed run lengths indicate the longest fixture you can have with power being fed from one end.

A Double fed run length indicates the longest fixture you can have while feeding power from both ends. AC fixtures cannot be double fed due to the use of alternating current.

What determines a max run length?

Max run lengths are determined by the power draw of the fixture, for the most part. You can find specific max run lengths listed on the product’s spec sheet.
Vivid RGB fixtures list two max run lengths. Snap connector run lengths can be longer than fixtures with seamless connectors. This is possible due to the gauge of the wires. It is more important to choose a connector for your project’s environment than the max run length, however.

Vivid Pixel fixtures also list two max run lengths. Dynamic run lengths can be longer than Full Load run lengths. A Dynamic run length is when your fixture isn’t running all channels at 100%. Full Load run lengths are when your fixture is running all channels at 100%.

(Check out this Tech Talk to read more about Full vs Dynamic Loading)

If you plan to run your fixture at Full Load, consider purchasing a static white or Dynamic White fixture instead.

Check back in for our next Tech Talk on July 17th!

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