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LED Neon Flex

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to connect multiple LED strips to the same PSU (power supply unit). The thing to keep in mind, is that every PSU has a wattage rating, which must not be exceeded. In fact, the common practice is to oversize power supplies by 10-15%. For example, if you were loading a PSU with four LED strips, each expected to draw 20W (4 x 20W = 80W), you should a power supply rated for 90-95W. In this case, an HLG-100-24V, rated for 96W, would do nicely.

Our Vivid line of linear LED lighting is IP rated (IP68 to be exact) when used with properly-assembled compression connectors. So what dos this mean?

The IP Code, as laid out in IEC standard 60529, describes varying levels of protection against intrusion. In the case of lighting, we are concerned with intrusion of dust and water, which could compromise the working of the electronics.

In an IP68 rating, the 6 means “dust tight”, meaning the fixture is completely protected against dust. The 8 means it is protected against “immersion beyond 1m”, meaning the fixture has withstood submersion deeper than 1m of water under test conditions.

Dynamic white LEDs are light packages that combine individual chips to produce a range of CCT from warm white and cool white. Special dimmers and control equipment is needed to properly operate a dynamic white LED light fixture.

The left vs. right have to do with the fact that the LED circuit board is off-center, so you need a slightly different power feed for either end of a single piece. Say you had a 10ft piece and wanted wire coming out of both ends; if you tried to connect two left-power-feeds, one end would not seat properly and you would have a large gap where water could get in. You would need a left for one end, and a right for the other.

The Pantone numbers for Vivid S single colors are:

Red – 711C
Green – 3278C
Yellow – 103C
Blue – 2103C

The RAL codes for single-color Vivid S are:

Red – RAL 3028
Green – RAL 6024
Yellow – RAL 1012
Blue – RAL 5000

We carry two basic types of power feed accessory (for our Vivid linear LEDs. The standard screw-on type (faster lead time), and a special factory-assembled type, perfect for seamless linear LED applications.

Regular power feeds are tool assembled and a bit bulky, they are however the fastest to obtain. The seamless power feeds are manufactured when ordered, so exact lengths must be provided during the ordering process. The seamless power feeds can not be modified after they are produced, so it is vital to verify all measurements and lengths before ordering. The standard connectors are available as end-exit (shown in left-hand photo) or bottom-exit. The seamless, factory-assembled connectors are available as bottom-exit (shown in right-hand photo), side-exit and end-exit.

seamless connector

Compression Connector

a. The standard 1m (40″) mounting channel, our most popular mounting hardware, is made of oxidized aluminum. The 2″ mounting clip is made of the same material, cut short.

b. The self-locking mounting channel, essential mounting hardware for vertical or upside-down installations, is made of the same oxidized aluminum as the standard mounting channel with the addition of special stainless steel 304 locking clips. Also available in a 2″ mounting clip version for curved installations.

c. The plastic mounting channel is made of a plastic polycarbonate, with UV inhibitors to prevent degradation by UV light.

LED Light Panels & Boxes

Our LED Light Panels and LED Light Boxes can be made to custom sizes up to 60″ x 118″ (5 ft. x 9.8 ft.)

Fast, very fast. All of our products are produced in our factory in South Korea. A standard order is produced in under 3 days and shipped via DHL Air. Most orders arrive at the customer’s door within 7 days after being placed. Larger orders require more lead time and usually make DHL, AIR not an economical solution. In that instance, Ocean Cargo would be used which generally takes 10-12 days of transit to arrive at the port and then transport time from there to the final destination.
Compared to our competitors offering similar products our lead times are significantly shorter as we have a higher capacity to produce these products than anyone in the world.

In short, the technology. We use a patented V-Cut CNC pattern to disperse the light from the LED light engine throughout the light guide. You may have seen other similar products that contain a dot matrix pattern or even an engraved pattern. Close inspection will show that the pattern is likely uniform, making it essentially no pattern at all. An engineered pattern is essential as it is the V-Cut pattern that guides the light throughout the acrylic creating even light distribution.
Why don’t more companies invest in V-cut patterns? Each piece of acrylic must be etched on a CNC machine with a pattern determined based on the specific size of that acrylic. This is expensive and time-consuming. Most “foreign” companies prefer producing products as uniform as possible to take advantage of economies of scale. This is not to the advantage of the customer that is seeking a high-quality solution.

Silver, Black, and White. Silver is the most common color and the default unless otherwise specified. All led light box frames are anodized aluminum.

In most cases, no. Our LED Light Panels use a high-quality PCB board and a rigid aluminum extrusion on the edge of the acrylic which acts as a vital heat sink. Companies that make organic shapes usually do so by using a flexible LED strip and mounting it directly into the acrylic. Acrylic is petroleum based and this could be a ticking time bomb, literally.

If the project were large enough it may warrant specialized engineering to make organic shapes. Please feel free to run your project needs by us to see if we have a solution.

Yes. We offer various options to control the LED Light Boxes and LED Light Panels.

Whatever you prefer. Our standard color temperature is 6500k, pure white but we can produce between 2500k-9000k. This is one of the benefits of custom built, you are not constrained.

Yes. We offer RGB versions of both the LED Light Boxes and the LED Light panels. We also offer built in simple controllers or external DMX addressable controllers depending on your needs.

Yes. We offer RGB versions of both the LED Light Boxes and the LED Light panels. We also offer built in simple controllers or external DMX addressable controllers depending on your needs.

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