6th Street Underpass in Philadelphia

A long-awaited mural from artists David Guinn and Drew Billiau are finally complete.

A long-awaited mural from artists David Guinn and Drew Billiau are finally complete. This project supported by Mural Arts Philadelphia and Visit Philadelphia, the 8,500-square-foot artwork is located under the I-676 overpass on 6th Street between Race and Wood Streets in Center City. Its completion in November 2020 comes after a few delays that pushed back the project’s original finish date of Summer 2019, including delays spurred by the Coronavirus shutdowns last spring.

“The site presented an amazing opportunity to me to represent the overlap of tremendous history with the energetic forward-looking Philadelphia of today,” said Guinn, the mural’s creator. “Neon-like LED lights integrated into the mural will transform the underpass into a beacon attracting visitors from all directions and boldly proclaim the city’s industriousness and creativity, both past, and present.

”As Mural Arts Philadelphia Executive Director Jane Golden notes: “We are so pleased to help create a new, vibrant gateway to Philadelphia’s Historic District that will bring beauty as well as safety to this pedestrian, bike, and car thoroughfare.” I can only imagine this mural could help slow drivers down and help to make them more aware of their surroundings as they navigate this heavily trafficked area.

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