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‘Illumination’ – A new piece in a six-story space inside the Adventist Health Corporate Office in  Roseville, California with lighting and an amazing sunset.

“Cheers to Little Architecture and the incredible team that made this all possible. Hormis, HilaryBrent, Doug, Casey, Gray, and Meli all put the time in on little and large parts. From form to lifting, driving, and all the details. Great thanks to the electricians on site, the contractors at Swinerton, and especially our lift man, Chris Benson at Fagan High Reach, without his skill and his lift Francesca we wouldn’t have made it.” – Matt McConnell

Matt McConnell Bio

Matt McConnell is a sculptor, designer, and founder of McConnell Studios based in downtown Raleigh. A native North Carolinian, he carries degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design from N.C. State’s College of Design. After completing his education on campus, he continued to learn as an apprentice and studio manager for artist Thomas Sayre at Clearscapes in Raleigh, leaving to found McConnell Studios in 2001.

He and his team work with a wide variety of residential, commercial, and public clients to create sculpture, lighting, architectural installations, furniture, and much more using an equally wide variety of materials including glass, steel, concrete, fabric, wood, plastic and more. The scale of work can vary from awards and residential lighting to large scale public and commercial sculpture, found in a wide variety of settings both locally and nationally.

Matt’s sculptural work focuses on expressing natural forces such as time and motion, often incorporating geometric transformation, repetition, and the layering of elements to explore these concepts. He is constantly investigating new materials and processes, seeking growth and expanded vision in his artwork.

The Illumination is a project that uses Vivid Wave 320.

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