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Flatiron Sky-Line by LOT Wins Public Plaza Holiday Design

The Flatiron Sky-Line project was created using Vivid Wave. It was on view from November 21st 2016 to January 2nd, 2017.

‘Flatiron Sky-Line’ is a landmark spatial installation engaging passersby in an intimate interaction within as well as around it. This outdoor installation is a project by design firm LOT. It was selected for the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership’s 2016 Holiday Installation, through a design competition organized by the Van Alen Institute. The structure is made of tubular arched components that define an outlined trapezoidal galleria at the footsteps of Flat Iron building.

LOT worked in collaboration with NY based lighting design firm Map Design Studio, in order to illuminate each of the arches along their whole length with LED lights, that highlight the arches’ geometry and contour. Control of seamless and uniform flexible linear LED by GLLS Inc is through Crestron’s lighting control system. This allows for a smooth transitioning lighting effect from daytime to nighttime transforming the look as well as the experience of the installation. This also makes it highly visible from a distance and from above.

White net hammocks hanging from each of the arches invite the public to embrace the Flatiron Sky-Line and therefore immerse into the constructed tranquility of the Flat Iron Plaza; skyline gazing, socializing, contemplating, and experiencing the surroundings. The lighting slowly fades in and out during the evening hours. Together with the soft swing of the hammocks, it activates a ‘breathing’ as well as vibrant spatial experience.


Flatiron Skyline is a project by LOT selected for the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership’s 2016 Holiday Installation through a design competition organized by the Van Alen Institute.

Map Design Studio, New York
885 Avenue of the Americas, Suite # 39B
New York, NY 10001
[email protected]

Leonidas Trampoukis & Eleni Petaloti
LOT, New York/Greece

Daniel Urrutia for AUE structural engineers

Alvaro Luna for FABRIC IMAGES inc

4th State Metals, New York

Brian W. Ferry

LED lighting equipment by Green Led Lighting Solutions Inc
Lighting control system by Creston
HAMMOCKS by Bliss Hammocks

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