How I Was Made - Seldon Yuan

How I was made, 2012, acrylic, wood, paint, light controllers, LED neon, 14 x 492 x 2.5 inches

How I Was Made – Seldon Yuan

From the artist:

How I was made, 2012, acrylic, wood, paint, light controllers, LED neon, 14 x 492 x 2.5 inches
Thanks to Green LED lighting for their generous support. Commissioned by Socrates Sculpture Park for the Emerging
Artist Fellowship 2012.

Seldon Yuan’s art work “How I Was Made” is a visual poem constructed of wood, Green LED’s flexible LED neon, acrylic, and light controllers.

The artwork cycles through the three line poem in 30 second intervals. The visual poem dovetails the content of the poem, the form, and the action of reading/deciphering to expand the readings and meanings of the poem. The artwork questions language and our personal construction of self through language, self-examination, and ultimately self-discovery. The work was an outdoor public art commission for Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, New York City.

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The poem reads:

I must name
to find I do not know
how I was made

Seldon Yuan


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