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The Concept

Crystal – by Nargiza Usmanova, NUMZ Graphics

‘CRYSTAL’ by Nargiza Usmanova has been designed to show the process of transformation throughout the crystal lattice. Using triangular shapes, the artist has created a volumetric structural arch resembling a crystal. To define the shape and add texture to the installation, Nargiza uses the technique of knitting with ropes.

The installation stimulates the senses of passers-by and makes them think about their own journey through life. Copper tubes and ropes used in the structure are aimed to symbolize the diversity of life. Cooper tubing has been used to represent choices. People choose the path that they are on and although it may not always seem like it, have control over their life and destiny. Ropes have been used to symbolize the many factors which influence people’s choices.

The piece is aimed to merge with the urban landscape and change over time, gaining features from its surroundings. Viewers are welcome to explore the piece from all angles.

Project Statistics

Copper Tube Pipe (m)
Rope (m)
Zip-ties (≈)
LED Neon Flex (m)

Project Credits

NUMZ Graphics
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Crystal – by Nargiza Usmanova, NUMZ Graphics

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