Lightweave in NoMa Underpass


Lightweave in NoMa Underpass Lightweave is a permanent public artwork located in Washington DC’s NOMA district. It translates ambient sounds from the city into dynamic auroras of patterned LED light. Slowly changing effects are activated by the noise and vibration of passing trains, cars and other sounds from the neighborhood. [...]

Adventist Health Corporate Office


'Illumination' - A new piece in a six-story space inside the Adventist Health Corporate Office in  Roseville, California with lighting and an amazing sunset. "Cheers to Little Architecture and the incredible team that made this all possible. Hormis, Hilary, Brent, Doug, Casey, Gray, and Meli all put the time in on little and large parts. [...]

Yugon Kim of I-K Design


Yugon Kim of I-K Design Congratulations to Yugon Kim of I-K Design! One of five Miller Prize winners at Exhibit Columbus, their "Conversation Plinth" installation will be up from August 28th until November 26th, 2017. Conversation Plinth Yugon Kim Lit with Vivid Basic Project for Exhibit Columbus, one of five [...]

2016 Young Collector’s Council


Vivid S Lights Up The ‎Guggenheim‬ For the 2016 Young Collector's Council, New 70 Design Studio did an amazing job driving the visual aesthetic of the dinner and reception by incorporating Vivid S flexible led neon. They Incorporated Vivid S flexible neon along the bar and directly down the middle of [...]

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