vivid contour

Vivid Contour

Contour is our thinnest flexible neon with a width of 9.5mm. Its PVC coating makes this fixture weatherproof and is ideal for exterior and interior application. Contour produces continuous uniform lighting and is available with a range of accessories to facilitate on-site connection and mounting.

Vivid Contour’s technological core is a versatile PCB with the latest in SMD LED technology. It delivers all the features and benefits of LED Neon in a smaller package to facilitate applications that require extreme bends.

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Vivid Contour

  • Power: 12 W/M | 0.5A/M | DC
  • Voltage: 24V DC & 12V DC
  • Color: 2400K – 6500K R/G/B/A
  • Lumen: 110-120
  • Cutting Unit: 24V 125mm or 12V 41.7mm
  • Dimmable
  • Three Year Limited Warranty
Download 24V spec sheet
Download 12V spec sheet
  • Wiring Diagram

    Proper Wiring instruction for Vivid Contour, LED Neon Flex
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  • Install Guide

    How to properly install this fixture and ensure you do not void your warranty
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