This low voltage LED strip light is efficient, bright, safe, and long-lasting.
Typical strip lighting is powered by 120V and presents a significant shock hazard. Now, homeowners and professionals can install safe low voltage current Flexible LED Strip Lights. This fixture can easily be tied into previously installed low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Designed specifically for outdoor applications, these IP67 weatherproof led strip lights are ideal for attaching to overhangs, trees, fences, rails, garden edging, and many other applications. The mounting channels make installation easy and fast. Our fixture can be ordered to match any temperature of white to ensure color consistency with other landscape lights.

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  • Power: 12 W/M | 0.5A/M | DC
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Color: RGB
  • Lumen: 110
  • Cutting Unit: 24V 100mm
  • Dimmable
  • Three Year Limited Warranty
Light Strip 13mm Spec SheetLight Strip 15mm Spec Sheet
  • Connector.

    Install Guide

    How to properly install this fixture and ensure you do not void your warranty
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