Product Testing

Glls takes product testing seriously. We thoroughly test all of our products to ensure the highest standards. We’ve provided the test results below to show our commitment to a quality product.
Optical Testing
Performance Standard/Reference value/Description
Photometric test-integrating sphere system IES LM 79 (lumen/CCT/CRI/XY/SDCM/wave length)
Photometric test-goniophotometer system IES LM 79(lumen intensity distribution & Lux diagram)
Illuminance efficiency ratio Evaluate indirect glare
Uniformity of lighting surface (led neon flex light) Evaluate the uniformity of color
RGB color mixture uniformity (led neon flex light) Evaluate the uniformity of color
Lumen maintenance test IES LM 80
Color-coordinate shift ANSI C78.377
Electrical Testing
Performance Standard/Reference value/Description
Normal Temperature Test (77°F) UL1598 / IEC60598-1
Normal Temperature Test(104°F) UL1598 / IEC60598-1
Reliability Testing
Performance Standard/Reference value/Description
Lifetime test IS TM 21
Electrical insulation test UI2388 / IEC60598-1 / >4M Ω
Dielectric voltage withstand test UI2388 / IEC60598-1 / >1.5KV
Waterproof test IP68/IP67/IP65
Hi-Lo Temperature impact -68°F – 140°F
Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure ASTM G 26. Exposure Method 1
Salt spray test IEC68-2-11
Anti-cracking test (-13°F) Assess PVC’s anti-cracking property under low temp.
Connector pull test 50N
Mechanics Testing
Performance Standard/Reference value/Description
Pull test (Connector/Body) UI2388
Impact test IEC 62262/UL2388
Bending fatigue resistance test UL2388/IEC60598-1
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