Break new ground with sturdy LUMIFORM
in-ground solutions

Available in rigid & flexible mounting systems. Pricing and technical specifications coming soon.

Lumiform Lightstrip xl

Our LightStrip XL fixture is paired with Stainless Steel or Aluminum rigid in-ground mounting systems. Designed to bridge the gap between aesthetics and robustness, the LightStrip XL is made to resist the test of time and weather. When LightStrip XL is packaged together with one of our in-ground mounting systems it creates our LumiForm LightStrip XL - rigid in-ground system.

  • 3~10 Ton Weight Rating
  • IK10 Protection
  • IP67 Rated
  • Available in Static, Dynamic White, RGB, RGBW & Direct DMX

Drive-over Level

This provides maximum confidence that the Vivid LightStrip IG can support a static load of up to 11 tons (10,000 kg) across a 1.97 in (50mm) diameter area. This capacity is at least 30 times greater than the load experienced from a passing sedan car. Laboratory and extensive long-term simulation tests have confirmed this durability, ensuring that the lights will not incur any damage or deformation.

Continuous & Seamless Illumination

You can create a continuous line of light by endlessly connecting standard in-ground lights, with cable connections from the side or bottom. The joints display no dark spots, even when viewed up close.

High Corrosion Resistant

The housing is optionally available in marine-grade 316L stainless steel, with a thickness of up to 0.12in (3mm), ideal for environments that demand high corrosion resistance or can withstand high temperatures.

Reliable Watertightness

Its waterproof feature is enhanced internally, thanks to a fully encapsulated LED strip with an IP68 injection-molded connector, quickly linked in series using IP67 male and female connectors. This design is not dependent on the housing's air tightness but rather gains an advantage from a drainage system at the bottom, preventing prolonged water immersion.

Convenient Maintenance

The removable design of the structure allows for easy cleaning, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the internal LED strip, ensuring the mounting surface and recessed fixtures remain undamaged and intact.

Available rigid mounting systems



stainless steel


stainless steel heavy duty



lumiform Orbit LS

Discover the innovative design of our on-site fully adaptable spec-grade Orbit LS in-ground fixtures. Engineered for easy installation, maintenance and highlighted by their multi-directional bending capabilities, along with high quality silicone composition. When the Orbit LS fixture is packaged together with our in-ground stainless steel flexible mounting system it creates our LumiForm Orbit LS - flexible In-ground system.  

  • Multi-Directional Bending
  • In-Ground Silicone
  • Max. Run Length 131.2ft (40m)
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance

Available flexible mounting systems

stainless steel - In-Ground - Flexible

  • On-site Customizable
  • Multi-directional Bending
  • Retro-fit to any environment