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Las Vegas, NV
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In Las Vegas, the Gateway Arches stand tall, adorned with over 13,000 LED lights, a dazzling new downtown landmark. Towering 80 feet high, these interlocking steel arches, designed by Selbert Perkins Design and brought to life by Yesco, emit a vibrant glow at night, drawing attention with their kaleidoscope of colors. By day, their sleek, deep blue silhouette dominates the skyline.

The project, replacing a damaged sign, took eight months to complete. Serving as a grand welcome to downtown, these arches aim to rival the iconic Strip sign, offering a new spectacle for visitors and a potential hotspot for Instagrammers. Las Vegas isn't new to extravagant gateways; previous installations featuring showgirls and casino elements already adorn the streets nearby.

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