linear underwater illumination

Submersible lighting solutions designed to provide unrestricted flexibility.

Aqua neon: Wave

pvc 24v dc

The world's most reliable flexible and linear underwater lighting fixtures. H2O, corrosion, electricity, thermal management, optical distribution, maintenance requirements, and human safety must all coexist in underwater environments. Pools, reflecting ponds, water features, wet-dry conditions, you name it, and AquaNeon has a solution.

  • Top & Side Bending
  • LED Function Available: Static, Dynamic White & SPI-Pixel
  • Min. Bending Diameter: 11.81in (300mm)
Vivid Wave

UL676 Rated

Aqua Neon Wave fixtures are comprehensively encapsulated in silicone and are securely sealed using a silicone submersible or bail-latch connector. These products adhere to UL 676, which represents one of the most rigorous standards for the safety of Underwater Luminaires and Accessories.

Max 16.4ft (5m) Depth

Rated IP68, this product is designed for permanent submersion, suitable for use in swimming pools, water features, fountains, and beyond, at depths of up to 16.4ft (5m) when the bail latch connector is utilized. Alternatively 6.6ft (2m) when a silicone submersible connector is utilized.

Max. 98.4ft (30m) Running Length

A uniform and gentle light line can be achieved for lengths up to 98.4ft (30m) per piece. It offers the flexibility of horizontal and vertical bending options to meet diverse installation requirements.

5 year warranty

Offering a 5-year warranty, we ensure energy and cost savings on maintenance, backed by the premium quality of our products.

Aqua neon: Wave - Connectors

Silicone submersible

  • Custom Factory
  • IP68 Rated
  • Max. 6.6ft (2m) Depth


  • DIY
  • IP68 Rated
  • Max. 16.4ft (5m) Depth

Aqua neon: Wave - Mounting Profile

plastic reinforced

High Quality rigid plastic designed to securely hold fixtures. Recommended for use in extreme environments susceptible to increased water/humidity (SPA's and pools).

Mounting: Plastic